Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Ella

Dear Ella,
As your Father I feel it is my duty to protect you from danger. I will, however, not always be able to do so. You may not always want me to try. But there are times in almost every one's life when a dangerous situation happens beyond anyone's control. If this happens to you, as it has to me, you will need to put your knowledge,your ability to think, and your training into action even though you will be afraid.
Swimming class is part of this training. It is a skill that may one day save your life. It is a skill that will also be a chance for you to grow strong in your body and confident in your ability to achieve. It will give you Freedom; the chance to enjoy the world more completely. What you did this week when you “jumped into the deep end” was take another step into what will be your world and your life. I am proud of you for this. You trusted us and yourself and you did a great thing.
In honor of your your achievement you will get to choose your own bicycle today. One that will never have training wheels,
Your Dad

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