Sunday, April 29, 2012


This is the Woman God has lead me to. And when I listen to her I can hear the Voice of God. I hear the Truth. I hear the Wisdom. There is Resonance. In Her Words the World is laid before me like a Feast. It is because of her I can hear the Voice of God. 

This is the Child God has  given us. When I hear her, when I listen, I can hear the voice of God. I hear Laughter. There is Great Joy. Wonder. We Learn together. There is an Echo in the Valley with every Word and it is the Voice of God. 

When we gather together, You and I as two or more, What Is Among Us shall have a Voice. I want to share what is in my Heart. I will talk about my Fears without Fear. I will share the things I Hope For. I will offer what little I have that is mine, and in the  Moments we share Silence, perhaps we shall hear the Voice of God.

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