Wednesday, January 16, 2008


There was another hold on registration that required me to meet with an advisor. The degree program Dean suggested would require an additional 15 hours over the mandatory 128. So I went to the Art Department to see about dropping from a BFA program, that would require a lot of mileage on our 98 Dodge Stratus on which I just rolled the 100K mark, with a BA in Visual Studies. Rowena and Ella went with me to meet Brent Oglesbee the art department head. He was very generous, and very patient. He agreed to accept an earlier design course no longer part of the curriculum. He will also substitute the portfolio class he felt was not germane to the goals of the degree program in my case with a upper level studio class. This will give me the BA with only 2 more classes. I will have to pick up a minor ,such as the Theater Departments Performing Arts Management, or a second BA in philosophy. Or something else. I have a year to decide.

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