Monday, November 12, 2007


There is a difference between serious and solemn for which David Schnaufer provided a beautiful example. He taught here at Blair School of Music and was as serious about the making of music as anyone of our fantastically dedicated faculty. At the same time, he exuded an infectious joy that always left me smiling for hours after spending just a moment with him, except once.

His Office was across the hall from where the Blair String Quartet rehearses and he came out one day to discover Ella and me eaves dropping on one of their sessions. “Does she like the Music?” he asked. “She loves the music, but I had to tell her it wasn't dancing music” I replied. His whole demeanor changed and he squared up on me, like a fighter in a ring. “All music is for Dancing” He looked at me like a Baptist Preacher demanding a sinner to repent. After I nodded my acceptance his smile returned. He reached down patted Ella on the back,“Don't let him forget!”, turned and went his way down the hall.

David, I will never forget.

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